Choosing the coatings

The bathroom lining options to be used on walls are also numerous. Here, too, the rules of moisture resistance and durability apply. Therefore, wallpaper or water-based dyes should not be used.

These materials can even be used in washrooms, where the humidity is lower, but they are not suitable for bathrooms. In addition to resistance, also think about the ease of cleaning. Coatings with a lot of texture or embossed details tend to be more difficult to clean and can accumulate residue. To cover bathroom walls, it is possible to use various materials.

Ceramics, tiles, porcelain, tiles, burnt cement and even wood are some of the most suitable materials. Ceramic is one of the most used coverings, having affordable options that meet the requirements of functionality well. Porcelain tiles are also very functional, having excellent quality, but with a slightly higher value.

The inserts are another hot option, and they have colors and patterns to suit all tastes. One of the functions of a bathroom tiling is to create an environment that is resistant to moisture, but also beautiful and harmonious. For this, it is possible to play with different types of coverings and create a beautiful look and with different styles.

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